Dairy Determination with the FP928

Got milk? The infamous advertising campaign started in 1993 for the California Milk Processor Board and was an instant success. The strength of the advertisements stays true even today, with 90% of all Americans aware of the slogan. Though the campaign has been retired in all but California these days, the dairy industry is continuing to grow around the world. A huge part of this forecasted growth comes from the growing interest in dairy protein.

Not all protein is created the same. Dairy protein is a „complete” protein, meaning it contains all nine of the essential amino acids humans need. This makes it a more efficient nutrient and a prime candidate for higher-quality protein or nutrition products. As trends turn towards healthy eating and snacking, the market is searching for ways to meet consumer demands for convenience, quality, and eco-consciousness.

Dairy-based food and drink like yogurt and shakes are both ideal sources of protein and also ideal vehicles for novel and interesting flavors. They’re easy to consume and have the added bonus of additional benefits, such as hydration or other nutrients beyond protein without needing too much processing. Filtering milk can reduce the sugar content, making it an even more enticing ingredient while keeping it recognizable to customers.

Just as not all protein is created the same, not all milk is created the same either. Protein levels can vary based on the health of the animals that produced it, how it was gathered, stored, and shipped, how it gets used in recipes, and various other factors. It’s important to know the quality of your dairy products, which is partially determined by the quantity of protein in a sample. The combustion Dumas method is a rapid and precise method for protein determination which can easily be automated on macro combustion determinators such as the LECO FP928. To learn more about milk determination in various dairy and dairy-alternative products on the FP928, fill out the form below to read our app note.

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