Re-Analyze Your Career—LECO has Opportunities for You!

In 1936, LECO Corporation introduced the first-ever rapid carbon determinator in the United States. Since then, the company has expanded globally and burst into new markets inside the world of analysis. Millions of samples worldwide have been analyzed using LECO instruments for elemental analysis, thermal analysis, metallography, and mass spectrometry. While science is certainly “our thing,” you don’t have to be a scientist to have a place here.

“LECO” is actually an acronym for “Laboratory Equipment COmpany.” But truth be told, LECO does more than just manufacture lab equipment. That’s why each and every person plays an important role within the company. It all starts with an idea…

Much like the idea that Carl Schultz had that sparked the creation of LECO itself, we continue to thrive because of ideas that are generated within. LECO’s innovative Research and Development team is continually looking for ways to make life better for our customers and empower the world to discover more. But even employees who aren’t a part of the R&D Team are always welcome to share their ideas.

 “We work for a family-owned and operated business. Not like working for a big corporation where you have no input, or no one listens to you… We have ideas as employees, and we can share them with everyone and they’re not just set aside like other places. They may not always work out but at least you get the chance to get your idea in front of someone.” – Dave Hickman, Instrument Assembly Manager, 37 Years with LECO

We know that everyone here matters, and that’s why we remain a vertically-integrated company—we trust our employees to do the best work, so many of LECO’s products are constructed within our own facilities. When innovative ideas are ready to be turned into a product, we turn to our intelligent Engineers to begin the process. Once the plans are made, LECO Machinists, Glass Blowers, Sheet Metal Fabricators, and many others work together to build the state-of-the-art instruments and consumables that labs around the world have been relying on for years. Men and women in our Sales Team study hard to ensure they know our products like the backs of their hands so that when the time comes, they know exactly how to answer the questions that come their way. Manuals are written by our own team of Technical Writers and given to our Shipping Department, who handle your purchases with care. The Marketing Department and Customer Communications Team ensures that you don’t miss out on all that LECO has to offer. Oh, and those lab instruments we create? Constant analysis is being done with them by our brilliant Applications Chemists to ensure standards are being met and to make ground-breaking discoveries to share with the scientific community. We also have Service Technicians and Support Staff that keep all the instruments in perfect working condition. So, when we say there is a place for everyone here, we truly do mean everyone.

You may, however, find yourself wondering how a company so large could possibly foster the kind of work environment that people desire to have. Well, don’t take our word for it—here’s what current LECO employees have to say:

“Working for a family-owned business has been great… We are not just numbers here.”—Dave Hickman, Instrument Assembly Manager, 37 Years with LECO

“LECO is a company where you are treated as an individual, recognizing each person’s unique ability to contribute to our success.”—Scott Chrispell, Electronics Research and Engineering Manager, 17 Years with LECO

In addition to fostering a work environment where employees feel valued and integral to the company’s success, LECO strives to empower family life for their employees. After all, LECO is, and always has been, a family-owned and operated company. As such, we know the importance of family and celebrate all aspects of it. To show that, every year, LECO expresses gratitude for our employees and their families by hosting a picnic so large, it is basically its own county fair.

More than that, we are committed to providing our employees with a strong work and home-life balance. 100% of employees who participated in a company survey answered “yes” when asked if they felt they had a “good work/life balance” here. And “here,” is a pretty great place to be when speaking about LECO Corporate Headquarters.

Located in the charming beach town of St. Joseph, MI, one can’t really complain when seeing the breathless bounty of Lake Michigan on the daily commute to work. The town is known as the “Riviera of the Midwest,” and every summer the town and its surrounding areas really come to life. But St. Joe has something to offer its residents year-round. From the beautifully colored leaves and fresh apple cider from local orchards in the fall, to the sparkly lights on the lake bluff and ice sculptures outside downtown shops in the winter, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy during non-business hours. Plus, the areas schools are some of the highest rated in the state of Michigan, Chicago is just 90 miles away, and the community is welcoming and safe. We love St. Joseph, and we’re sure you would too.

If all of that wasn’t enough to show that LECO is a stellar company to work for, we also have a highly rated Wellness Program (rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by surveyed employees) and offer benefits and vacation time to our full-time employees.

“The company is well-organized, pays a fair wage, and has excellent benefits. Many people who come to work here end up making this their last place of employment.”—Terry Glaske, Director of Metal Fabrication, 46 Years with LECO

It is true, as Terry says, that many of our employees retire with us. Here at HQ, we have 176 employees who have worked here for 25 years or more—that’s over a quarter of the people who are employed here.

 “My career started at LECO, and I intend to retire from LECO.”—Scott Chrispell, Electronics Research and Engineering Manager, 17 Years with LECO

Many employees at LECO have also success moving through the company to different positions.  For example, Cristine Potter, who recently celebrated her 7th year with us, started her journey at LECO as a Stockroom Attendant before progressing to the managerial position she is in today.

“LECO offers opportunities to grow within the company. Whether you are fresh out of college, or have years of experience in your field, LECO values people with different backgrounds and experiences to help keep the company growing.”—Cristine Potter, Oracle Functional User Analyst Manager, 7 Years with LECO

We couldn’t have said it better, Cristine! We’re proud to be a family that sticks together, and that we’ve created an environment where that’s possible. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our open positions and consider joining the LECO family today.