Sports Development Starts in the Lab

Assortment of balls for making sportWhen you think of a sports competition, you may picture several athletes at the tops of their game duking it out for supremacy, whether on a pitch, a track, a course, a pool, or wherever else their sport takes them. But sport competitions can transcend humans challenging each other. The competition in the sports equipment industry is just as fierce as that between players.

Sports have developed in technological leaps and bounds in many directions from merely hitting a ball with a stick. Take the two sports of golf and baseball as an example. Both sports can be distilled down to hitting a ball with a stick, but they are also both vastly different. Everything from the type of ball to the type of stick and all the game factors in-between have been refined to suit the needs of that particular sport.

Golfer places ball on teeWhether it’s the aerodynamics of a club head as it swings through the air, the energy transfer as it strikes a golf ball, or the spin developed within the ball’s core, the technology developed by equipment manufacturers can affect the performance of athletes involved. Using the right equipment can turn a good golfer into a great one, or a promising amateur into a rising professional.

Making the right equipment, therefore, is the winning strategy in the equipment manufacturing industry, and this requires a heavy investment in research and development. Even something as seemingly mundane as material selection might provide an incremental competitive edge that translates to an exceptional market advantage. Knowing the properties of the materials you’re choosing, therefore, is critical. A well-equipped testing laboratory with a start-to-finish metallographic solution can be capable of evaluating surface treatments, chemical compositions, material hardness, and so much more.

Trust in your results starts with trust in your equipment. Learn how LECO’s start-to-finish metallographic solution can build that trust starting in your lab.

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