LECO Launches New Laboratory in Partnership with California State University, Los Angeles

Left to Right: Katie Redinius, Chris Warren, Dr. Petr Vozka, Farai Rukunda, David Russ, and Christina Kelly

Los Angeles, California—LECO Corporation has partnered with California State University, Los Angeles, on the development of its new LECO Complex Chemical Compositional Analysis Lab. The opening of the lab on September 19th marked a significant step towards advancing research and education in complex chemical analysis not only at the university but throughout the West Coast.

The new C3AL, as it is referred to, is located in the renovated laboratory of Rosser Hall at CSULA. Here, students, colleagues, and partners will study the composition and structure of complex chemical samples under the direction of Dr. Petr Vozka, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

„The mission of CSULA is to mold adept students ready to lead in the industry and excel in top-tier graduate programs,” said Dr. Vozka. „Every milestone, every achievement, is a testament to our collective efforts.”

„The opportunity to partner with Dr. Vozka and the Cal State community presented itself when we learned of Petr’s commitment to educating the next generation of scientists on powerful new techniques for the identification of unknowns,” said Farai Rukunda, Director of Separation Science at LECO. „As the industry leader in instrumentation for complex sample analysis, it was a natural fit for us to work together to ensure these new and emerging leaders had exposure to and the proper training on these new revolutionary techniques.”

As part of its contribution to the new laboratory, LECO provided state-of-the-art time-of-flight mass spectrometry equipment. The Pegasus BT brings GC, GCxGC, and TOFMS capabilities to the laboratory and allows for deep investigations to a variety of complex samples and interesting questions. Having access to this technology provides the students at the C3AL an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from industry leaders currently using these same tools to solve real-world problems.

LECO, based in St. Joseph, Michigan, plans to utilize the lab for future training and product demonstrations on the West Coast as well.

„The West Coast continues to be a hot spot for laboratories doing discovery work in the areas of unknown analyte detection, particularly in areas like Metabolomics and Environmental Forensics,” said Dave Russ, US Sales Manager for Separation Science. „The C3AL lab gives us access to a working LECO laboratory on the West Coast, so we can better support this growing community.”

Following the ceremony, Christopher Warren, President of LECO Corporation, affirmed the company’s commitment to supporting the lab for years to come.

„This new partnership promotes advancement in research capabilities and provides students with the opportunity to make their mark on chemical analysis,” says Chris Warren, President of LECO Corporation. „As scientists ourselves, we look forward to mentoring the next generation in solving tomorrow’s complex problems today”.

For more information on the Cal State LA/LECO C3AL lab, please contact Dr. Petr Vozka at pvozka@calstatela.edu.