Rozwiązania LECO dla Moisture Analysis

Automated moisture or moisture/ash determination with a primary loss on drying method for replacing the slow labor intensive, manual air oven method is ideal for most applications in the foods, feeds, and milling products industry. LECO’s cutting-edge thermal gravimetric analyzers, TGM800 and TGA801, are industry leaders in every field and run simultaneously for 10 up to 38 samples! Flexible method setup, automation and hardware capabilities ensure an automated analysis process, requiring only manual measurement of the initial sample weight.

Szczególne zalety obejmują
  • Improved work flow efficiency
  • Minimal Operation Time
  • Maximized sample throughput
  • Automated end point recognition, based on sample mass constancy
  • Optimal analysis time
  • Stable and precise mass measurements

Portfolio instrumentów dla Moisture Analysis

TGM800 Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator

Thermogravimetric Moisture Determinator

TGA801 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Moisture, Ash, Volatile Content, and Loss-on-Ignition

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Moisture and Total Solid Determination of Milk-Based Products Comparing Automated Thermogravimetric and Air Oven Loss-on-Drying Techniques

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