Metallographic Solutions: Start to Finish

When it comes to metallography, you may think a saw is a saw and a microscope is a microscope. Each step you take to prepare your sample for analysis can seem isolated from all the rest.

At LECO, we see it differently. Our start-to-finish complete metallographic solution is designed to streamline sample preparation. Whether you’re a high-throughput, busy laboratory or working on specialized, unique analyses, the LECO metallographic solution will work for you.

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As you take your sample from saw to mounting press to grinder/polisher to final analysis, each of LECO’s instruments use familiar and intuitive controls so the same operators can move seamlessly from one station to the next.

Even the most experienced lab can have hiccups in the process, but with the complete LECO system, you’ll have one central partner to call for help. Our Metallographic Troubleshooting guides tackle some of the most common metallographic issues, while our service and support technicians are always just a phone call away.

A saw may be a saw, and a microscope may be a microscope, but when the saw and the microscope work together with everything in-between, your analyses can become seamless.