Elemental Analysis Instruments

Being the authority in elemental determination by combustion or fusion in organic and inorganic materials, LECO offers a diversified range of technologically advanced analytical instruments. LECO instruments offer piece of mind for energy companies validating for quality and compliance by measuring for moisture, ash, volatile content, and loss-on-ignition as well as determination of gross calorific value of various organic materials. LECO’s cutting-edge thermal gravimetric analyzers are industry leaders in every field.


Residual and Diffusible Hydrogen Determination by Hot Extraction


Glow Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometer

Seria 832

Analiza zawartości siarki i węgla metodą spalania

Seria 836

Oznaczanie zawartości tlenu, azotu i wodoru

Seria 844

Analiza zawartości węgla i siarki metodą spalania

Seria 736

Oznaczanie zawartości tlenu i azotu metodą stopienia próbki w gazie obojętnym

Seria 928

Analiza węgla/azotu/siarki i azotu/białka metodą spalania

Seria 744

Zawartość węgla i siarki metodą spalania

Seria 828

Analizator zawartości węgla, wodoru, azotu oraz białka


Carbon and Water Determination

TF Series

Reduce contaminants of reusable crucibles

TruSpec Micro



Glow Discharge with Compositional Depth Profiling