LECO Corporation is committed to meet or exceed global standards set forth by some of the most prominent scientific and quality control organizations around the world.

Application Support

LECO experts can put your samples to the test. We will test your samples and provide you with the results while demonstrating how LECO products can assist your needs.

Approved Methods

LECO proudly takes an active role in the development of and adherence to international standards. Learn more about our involvement with Global Standards.


LECO is committed to national and global guidelines in regards to employee, customer, and environmental safety as well as social responsibility.

Instrument Training

Unsure where the crucible goes? Confused by the chromatograph? LECO Customer Training resources can provide you the insight to fully understand your LECO laboratory analysis instruments.

Instrument Service

Experiencing difficulty with a LECO instrument? Our Instrument Service team is here to help. LECO teams can assist remotely or on-site to keep your LECO instruments operating effectively.

Knowledge Library

The LECO Knowledge Library is a free resource database for access to application notes, product literature, and reference materials.

Traveling Labs

LECO’s Traveling Labs bring sample equipment to you. Explore LECO products at your convenience.